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Our services

Our main fields of expertise include:


Career Guidance

We conduct in depth subject choice and career guidance assessments and consultations with scholars, students as well as adults aiming to make a career change, with the aim of providing detailed feedback and guidance with regards to next steps that need to be taken in order to realise future career aspirations.


Medico-legal Consultancy

With regards to our medico-legal division, our main aim is to advise the relevant stakeholders on the claimants’ pre- and post-accident work and earning capacity, to determine past and future loss of earnings and to appear as expert witnesses to testify on our findings should the matter go to trial.

Our Credentials


BSocsci Psychology

University of Pretoria | University of Johannesburg

BSocsci (Hons) Psychology

University of Pretoria | University of Johannesburg

BCom (Hons) Human Resource Mananement

University of Pretoria

MCom Industrial Psychology

University of Pretoria | University of Johannesburg


  • Industrial Psychology
  • CPD Certification: Family & Child Mediation

ADR Register®

GNG – ADR – IMI mediation negotiation


  • Facilitation
  • Assessment
  • Moderation


SHL System Administration

Mindmuzik Media


MAD Assessment and Development





Child’s Voice Toolkit Training

M&M Initiatives



Mock Trials 


Medico-Legal Practice Certification (SAMLA)

BA | Hons | MCom

Cum Laude

Golden Key International Honour Society


Dean’s list award 2012

Academic Excellence

Academic Honorary Colours

Industrial Psychology

Academic Honorary Colours

Human Resource Management

Academic Honorary Colours

Clinical Psychology



Du Plessis Mathee Inc.

Industrial Psychologists

Melissa du Plessis
Anél Mathee

Practice no.: 0860040701378
Registration no.: 2017/329206/21


We can consult at the following locations:

  • HB Forum Building, 5th Floor, 13 Stamvrug Street, Val De Grace, 0184
  • Any alternative location convenient to the client

Contact Us:

  • general: info@dpm-inc.co.za
  • Melissa: +27 (82) 979 – 3971
  • Anél: +27 (83) 241 – 6279

Why you need an industrial psychologist…

Industrial psychologists have the necessary knowledge of human behaviour and psychology which enables them to assist individuals and organisations in professional growth.

As virtually all individuals on earth need to work for their income and rely on the correct choices for their own careers as well as the appointment of individuals for their businesses, the use of an industrial psychologist is one of the most crucial and beneficial investments in your personal and organisational success.

Our expertise is applicable to all individuals throughout their career-lifecycle, from the school environment to top-executive level.